Other Food Paper Box Other Food Paper Box

Other Food Paper Box

Other Food Paper Box

Features ofFood Paper Boxes:

1. Wide application:
We paper food boxes are widely used in not only fast food industries like KFC and McDonalds, but also bakeries, supermarkets and restaurants etc. as bread boxes, cake boxes, popcorn boxes/containers, desserts boxes, chocolate boxes, pizza boxes, pastry boxes and candy boxes etc.;

2. Advanced production technologies:
flexo printing is adopted during the production of printed paper boxes; and other processing like glazing and oil-proofing could also be provided upon request.

3. Hygienic and aseptic:
We produced fast food paper boxes could be used to pack foods directly for our strict control form the selection of raw material to finished product store (Raw material: food grade ivory board; GMP workshop and warehouse).

Printed food paper box or food paper container is guaranteed to get your products noticed.