Paper Bag (Satchel)

Technical Specifications of Paper Bag (Satchel)
We has been in food paper bag making industry since 1996. Till now, We is able to produce a wide range of paper boxes, including block bottom paper bags, sharp-bottomed food containers, as well as many other printed paper packaging materials and advertising materials.
In order to guarantee high hygienic standard, our paper bags and paper boxes for foods are all produced and stored in GMP standard workshops and warehouses. Welcome to choose our fast food packaging products.

Description Paper bag (satchel), primarily block bottomed paper bags
Feature Our paper bags (satchel) are extensively used to hold take away foods without damage. This paper food container has no handles.
Process Flexo printing
Making bag
Raw Materials 40gsm--60gsm white kraft paper for making white kraft paper bags 40gsm--60gsm brown kraft paper for making brown kraft bags
Colors 0-6 colors
Item Dimension (mm) 2# 4# 6# 8# 10# 12#
160×90×50 232×127×77 276×150×90 314×154×100 320×163×100 330×178×110
Quantity per Case 3,000 3,000 1,000 1,000 600 600
Case Dimension  -  -  -  -  -  -
MOQ 300,000 pcs 300,000 pcs 250,000 pcs 250,000 pcs 200,000 pcs 200,000 pcs
USD Price for reference FOB SHANGHAI 0.0174-0.0208 0.0227-0.0295 0.0275-0.0362 0.0321-0.0406 0.0377-0.0483 0.0393-0.0496
Remark We could produce paper bags with different sizes as per your requirement.
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