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    1. Paper Bag (Satchel)Placemats, wrapping paper, paper boxes, paper bags, etc. We is a China-based fast food paper packaging material producer. All our fast food containers are made of food grade materials. Additionally, we adopt international leading production techniques, employ experienced box designers, and establish GMP standard workshops and warehouses, to guarantee the hygienic standard and quality of our placemats, paper food boxes, paper food bags, and more. .
    1. Paper Bag (sos)We can provide a wide range of eco-friendly paper bags made from white kraft paper and brown kraft paper. Our paper bags (sos) are made from a strong 40-60g kraft paper. They are suitable for variety of food uses.
      In order to guarantee high hygienic standard, we produce our paper bags strictly in accordance with GMP standard. For more detailed information about our food containers...
    1. Other Food Paper Bag1. Good heat resistance as well: so the fast food paper bag is suitable for containing newly-fried snacks.
      2. Size, color and shapes of our oil resistant paper bags are all customizable;
      3. Recyclable and degradable.
      4. Convenient and low cost ...
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