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    1. Paper Box (Directly contact food)1. Directly contact with food is possible for our high hygienic standard:
      (1) Raw material: 200g-300g food grade ivory board;
      (2) Printing: flexographic process; water based environmental protection ink;
      (3) Production and storing environments: all our food packaging products are produced in GMP standard workshops and also stored in GMP standard ware houses ...
    1. Paper Bag (Directly contact food)1. Our white kraft paper bags could contact with food directly for our food grade raw materials and GMP standard production workshops and warehouses;
      2. Bright color and colorful printings on this fast food paper packaging is sure to caught people's eyes;
      3. Size: customizable ...

Fast Food Paper Packaging

General Descriptions of Fast Food Paper Packaging Supplies:
Directly contact with food is possible:
1. Raw material: food grade paper;
2. Printing: Flexo printing, water-based environmental protection ink are adopted to produce and process our paper packing bags or paper packaging boxes for fast foods and snacks.
3. Production and storing: GMP standard workshops and warehouses are established to guarantee high hygienic standard.

Applications of Fast Food Paper Packaging Supplies:
Specifically, our fast food packaging products (paper food boxes and paper food bags) have been used as:
(1) McDonald's packaging and KFC packaging:
our French Fries Boxes and Packets, Custard Tart Boxes and other paper bags or paper boxes are widely used in fast food industries for packing, for example, McDonald's sweet taro pie, pineapple pie, KFC French fries and hamburgers etc., just to name a few.
(2) Other food packing like sandwich packaging, fried chicken packing, bread packing and airline dinner box etc..

Features of Fast Food Paper Packaging Supplies:
1. High hygienic standard;
2. Environmentally friendly: recyclable and degradable;
3. Available in a range of styles, sizes and alternative materials to suit all requirements;
4. Wide array of applications.

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