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Other Carton Box

Other Carton Box

Descriptions ofCarton Boxes:
Besides carton boxes for food packaging, medicine packaging boxes (paper boxes), paper cosmetic boxes and commodity packaging boxes, We can also provide carton boxed for various other products;
For example, we have provided carton boxes (paper packaging boxes) to AMO and Bausch & Lomb for packaging contact lens and eye drops as well as related products etc..

For our high quality paper stock, We produced paper boxes are durable, environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Production Process:
Offset printing—Superficial treatment (glazing, film covering, UV, hot stamping etc.)—Die cutting—Gluing—Carton box making

Special services:
We will provide unique carton box designs based on your product characteristics and company culture.

Welcome to choose our medicine boxes, cosmetic boxes, and carton boxes for food, and various other paper packaging boxes.