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    1. White Kraft Paper Bag1. Our white kraft paper bags could contact with food directly for our food grade raw materials and GMP standard production workshops and warehouses;
      2. Bright color and colorful printings on this fast food paper packaging is sure to caught people's eyes;
      3. Size: customizable ...
    1. Brown Kraft Paper Bag1. Our brown kraft paper bag is not easy to be broken.
      2. Printing: 1-5 printing colors are available; logo, words and other information could all be printed on the fast food bag (fast food pocket).
      3. Paper bag weight: 40-80g;
      4. Environmentally friendly ...
    1. Other Food Paper Bag1. Equipments for producing our fast food paper packaging product:
      (1) 5 paper bag making machines for square bottom fast food paper bags:
      --5 printing colors;
      --produce 1.8 million paper food bags each day;
      (2) 2 paper bag making machines for sharp-bottomed fast food paper bags ...